Wheel Alignment by JS45 Motor Garage


For more than 20 years JS45 has carried out wheel alignment checks and adjustments on just about every type of motor vehicle.


We were one of the first establishments in the area to have a machine capable of aligning front and rear wheels at the same time, something now very much required with modern suspension.


Due to the poor state of repairs on today's roads, the need for accurate alignment has become essential to prevent tyre wear, steering pull and wheel shake.


Another product of modern cars is the fact that all are fitted with a driver's airbag, which can make the centreing of the steering wheel quite difficult. With our alignment system this problem is a thing of the past. Tyres are expensive, we know, we sell them! A wheel alignment check and adjustment works out at about half the price of a modern tyre - not much to argue about there, is there!


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-: Call on 01289 330 545



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Call on 01289 330 545


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